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Customised Business Systems Pty Ltd (CBS) is a provider of information technology software and services to small and medium size businesses. Since our beginning in 1998, we have evolved and expanded our portfolio of services to include an array of fully managed “solutions” which can be customised and tailored to fit each customer.

Our software uses the best aspects of information technology and offering a total in-house solution for small to medium operators requiring a system designed for a multi-user environment where access is required by staff to manage their day-to- day business.

We develop a long-term relationship with our Clients to create flexible software solutions that grow with their business. Our software is designed to be tailored to the needs and procedures of small to medium businesses. We have cost effective front office packages for various industries that have been developed to be easily changed to suit each client. Each application is specific to the client that we develop it for. We are not an “out of the box software solution” that satisfies 75% of the Customers needs, we attempt the 100%.

We have a new video and audio help system that avoids the high implementation costs normally associated with new software. Our rapid application development procedures, tailored to your needs and updated over the internet allows you to do all your day-to-day functions that your accounting system cannot provide. Purchasing our software entitles you to a long-term flexible software solution that will grow with your business.

Our software solutions are currently installed in 25 Sites Sites throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We can also provide network support and website development.

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