Have Questions?

Q. If I order a system, what is involved

A. We have found that the easiest way to set a system up is to obtain all your documentation which gives us an understanding of your costing methods and we can then set up the procedures to cover all aspects that you would need. We can generally create the documents in identical formatting.

Q. How long will it take to installation

A. As a general rule it takes six weeks to set up the system depending on how long it takes to approve the documentation and procedures. Standard systems can be supplied in much shorter periods.

Q. I already have data in Excel and word documents.

A. We can easily import information such as list of clients, agents and suppliers into the application.

Q. What support options do I have

A. We can support your application over the telephone and Internet. There is a charge for telephone and e-mail support. Should you require changes to your applications such as new reports we can support that very efficiently over the Internet.

Q. How do I train the staff

A. Because we designed the application around your needs, we have found the training is easily accomplished during the development process.

Q. What hardware and software do I need

A. Our applications run on any modern computer although the more memory and processor the better performance can be achieved. There are no software requirements as we install the database software application for you.

Q. What are the costs and conditions

A. Systems starting from $20,000 depending on the complexity of and requirements. We ask for 50% of the cost as a commitment to start the project and the balance after approval and installation. There are no ongoing service fees, but there are charges for upgrades, phone and email support based on your requirements.

Q. What if it doesn’t achieve our objectives

A. Because our software in designed around your needs and we have extensive experience in procedures for small and medium business this is not an issue.

Q. What network performance can I expect

A. This is dependent on what other applications you use and however we rarely have issues. We split the database so that all the data is located on the server and the components such as forms reports are located on the workstation. This provides excellent network performance

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